Baby C

The details:

We found out we were expecting at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday November 18. We had been debating for a while about whether we wanted another baby. Of course we wanted another baby, but could we handle another baby? I still don’t know, but it’s in God’s hands.

We said, let’s just see what happens. Then when I started my last cycle, I was disappointed. So disappointed; I knew I wanted another baby. Kevin was all for that; he’d been ready for a third longer than I had. God stepped in and helped our timing a bit.

I said to myself that I wouldn’t test until Sunday, so I stayed up late Saturday night, tested when the clock struck Sunday, and went in to wake up Kevin with the good news! We had our family Thanksgiving that day, so we went ahead and told them then, by having my brother look through the pictures on my camera, one of which was our BFP (big fat positive) on our pregnancy test. We told Connie while we were in St. Louis and Kevin’s parents as soon as we got back.

We’re due around my birthday, August 1. 10 days after Aviana turns four and 10 days before Brielle turns two.

I would really like a boy this time and Kevin thinks we are already good with girls, we should stick with that. We aren’t necessarily naming the baby a name that starts with “C”, and we aren’t planning on going to J,K either.

I’m feeling great–tired, but I think most moms of young ones are. I had almost constant nausea with the girls, so this is a most welcome change.

Aviana is really excited. She tells me, “I tan’t wait for my birfday! I tan’t wait for our baby!” and squinches up her face and fists in her patent ‘excited’ pose.

It’s also amazing to me how much she “gets”. We are going to see “The Nutcracker” tomorrow, and were talking about what we were going to wear. I suggested that I might wear my suit, but it might not fit since it’s pretty fitted. She suddenly said that she wanted to wait until after her birthday to go to the ballet. I asked her why, and she said, “Betuz den you will have the baby, and you will fit into your suit!”

I know every parent thinks this, but she really is brilliant.

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