Aviana was working hard on a little art project at the table while I was making dinner. She said she wanted to give it to her friend Kaitlyn for a present.

Then she said, “And Taitwyn will wite it SOO much, she will not even say anyfing. She will just stare at it in WONDER!”

We checked out a DVD called Baby Ballet today at the library. It’s really sweet to see how earnest Aviana is in her attempts to dance. The teacher is showing how to do pliés, and she says, “Plié and straighten. Plié and straighten.” Then she wants the little girls to roll up on their tip toes, and she says, “Then lift and roll. Gently down.”

Brielle took that literally and laid down and log rolled across the living room.

I just love my preciouses.

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  1. How cute. Be careful, I remember when my ballerina used to twirl around the living room and now we live at dance. Would the girls like to see a real ballet? If interested let me know and we could get tickets for the recital.

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