At the moments…

Aviana is freaking out because I don’t have her costume ready for her dance recital on Sunday. Apparently she’s never met me. I have a hard time doing stuff before the deadline. She tells me she’ll never make her daughter wait until the last minute.

Well, good for her.
I’ve hired a mother’s helper for the summer. She’s a 16 year old we met through our homeschool dance cllass. She is fabulous with the children. I have her here two afternoons a week, after Quiet Time through bedtime and one morning a week so I can attend a Bible study. She’s only just begun, but I have a very very good feeling about this.


In my Bible study, I am the only one under age 60ish. It’s a Beth Moore study on Revelation, so if I count her…


I’m getting the Super Summer Challenge organized this week. Also not fast enough to suit my sweet type A Baby A.


Midwife appointment this afternoon incorporated with a visit to my favorite (only one I know about) Amish grocery store and some time spent with one of my favorite people.


Looking forward to a friend filled weekend!

One thought on “At the moments…

  1. Handsewn costumes? That's wonderful. I hope to see pictures!

    I feel the same about my library book club as you do about your Bible study, everyone else has grandchildren!

    What's on your super summer challenge this year? Same as last year? Do you add to it or do different things every year?

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