Amen to that

I’ve been thinking the last couple of days how wonderful my kids are. I’ve not wanted to say anything ‘out loud’ because I’m a little afraid of ‘jinxing’ things, so to speak.

We have really turned a corner with Aviana. She has totally morphed into a different individual than she started out to be. I give God all the credit.

She hardly ever throws a full blown tantrum any more. It’s such a relief. She’ll still fuss and be whiny sometimes. She still tests my patience sometimes. She still pushes on the boundaries sometimes. But over all, she is just amazing. She is so much fun to spend time with now. She is so smart and so loving.

Today, I pulled a drawer out too far, and it landed on my toe (OUCH!!) and she came to me all concerned. She led me to the bathroom where she directed me to put my foot over the bathtub. She poured a cup of cold water on my toe, gently and carefully. She asked me if that helped it to feel better, and kindly dried my foot off with a towel.
Her patience is growing exponentially. We had a really long appointment at the chiro and even though she asked several times if we were done, she didn’t get whiny or demanding or even ask incessantly.

She is ever observant, and curious.

The other day, as we’re driving through town, she commented, “Untle Towry has hair all over his body!” I laughed and said, “That’s true.” (She had seen him shirtless for the first time when we were getting ready for her party in million degree heat.) She added, “And Opa even has hair on his back!”

And this little anecdote, just for fun: while looking out her car window, she observes, “God sure did make vans hard to put gas into.” (in Aviana-ese it would be Dod ssure did mate vans hard to put das into.)

I tell ya, she’s amazing.

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