Allergies and Farming

Yesterday when I was mowing the lawn, dandelion fluff blowing in my face, the smell of freshly mown grass filling my nose, I was thinking to myself all smug-like, “I should really let people know how awesome this is. I used to get allergy shots. I used to have to take medicine on a regular basis. I used to be non-functional until my allergy medicine kicked in, and even then I was moderately miserable. I used to not even be able to BE in the yard when someone was mowing, let alone mow it myself.” 

“Now look at me,” I inwardly bragged, “I’m treating my allergies on a strictly as needed basis, with essential oils, and I can be outside whenever I want, and I can even mow the grass!”

I had mown a couple of times last year with no ill effects.
I certainly wasn’t expecting to be bedridden today!
I woke up feeling stuffier than usual, but I felt a little better after a couple of “allergy bombs” –2 drops each of lemon, peppermint and lavender essential oils. 
But as the day wore on, I got sicker and sicker. Now my nose is running like a faucet and I’m sneezing 10 times at a go. My face hurts. My body aches. My head hurts. My throat hurts and my palate itches. I’m a mess. 
I went for the prescription strength meds and the over the counter meds. Still no improvement. 
I am seriously never mowing again.
I just wanted to help my incredibly busy and amazing husband who, right now, took all the kids, who have been fairly owly today, and a pizza down to play on the riverfront. 
Guess I’ll have to think of indoor ways of assistance. 

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