All in a Day’s Work

We had a baby bull calf born this morning. Out in the snow, but in the sunshine. Kevin got him into the calf incubator, and came up to the house to let us know we could help feed him if we wanted. We got everyone bundled up and headed down to the barn.

Bundled up boy–too bad the snow was too deep for him to walk–I worked up a sweat carrying him and the camera all around the farm.

Kevin milking the mama.

I even gave it a go. It wasn’t too hard, but I was afraid she’d kick, because Kevin had just warned me to not let her kick the bucket out of my hand and waste the colostrum. I was more worried about my head!
Having his lunch.

After we finished with the calf, we had the girls try out the chicken feeder Kevin built. We plan to get meat chicks this spring, so we need an easy way to get more feed faster. Even the three year old can do it.

The tall white structure is about 1/2 full of chicken feed. The white building with red trim is our secondary chicken house, and the yellow building behind is an old corn crib used for nothing, but we let the chickens run in there and eat bugs.
Vintage soda cases converted to nesting boxes.
Our rooster and a few of his ladies

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