34 weeks pregnant with Babe E

 From the highway, Brielle thought she was taller than the corn. That is one of those “arguments” that isn’t worth it, so I pulled over to someone’s gate hole and them go see for themselves. It may have been a little sunny…

 And this was SUCH a great picture of my youngest son, who has completely mastered the art of looking in the other direction when I say, “Denton!” with a camera in my hand.

We were all very annoyed and itchy after this trip into the sunflower field. Totally not worth it.

4 thoughts on “34 weeks pregnant with Babe E

  1. ♥ I love that pic of you with the sunflowers…soon you'll be a family of 7! And it always amazes me how quickly the corn grows up….it is really tall!!!

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