You might be one tired mama if…

…you get a diaper to change the sopping wet baby in your bed in the middle of the night, and wake up four hours later in a soggy bed with an even wetter baby, and the nice dry diaper underneath you.

…you shoo your older children outside so you can nurse the baby in peace and quiet, and you fall asleep.

…you find the coffee you had to re-heat this morning in the microwave when you go to re-heat more coffee at noon.

…you can’t stay up past 10, and don’t even want to (although you miss the blogging & blog reading you are used to doing then.)

…you can sleep in the middle of : the kids fighting, someone mowing the lawn, dogs barking, people blow drying their hair and a movie going

5 thoughts on “You might be one tired mama if…

  1. Ha!!! I’ve done some of those, or a variation of them!!! I’m one tired momma and I don’t have a newborn. *SIGH* Well looky! It’s 1 AM… go figure I’m tired!

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