You might be a mom to girls

If you sort the laundry into pink and not pink.

If you had stock in Mardi Gras beads, you’d be rich.

if there is nothing wrong with glittery heels, a crown and a tutu…with your pajamas.

If the hair accessories have an entire drawer in the bathroom.

If your one year old wears lip gloss.

(That’s all I could think of right now, but I know you girlie moms will have a lot to add, and then I’ll edit this post and take credit for your ideas. :-))

6 thoughts on “You might be a mom to girls

  1. When the first thing you see of your newborn baby is the lower lip pouted out.

    LOL, I don’t have much to add yet because Jayden isn’t quite old enough to by a girly girl. But man does she have drama queen status going on. She’s seriously had the pout since the moment she was born!

  2. How bout this one – you know the real, full name of every Disney Princess and all the words to the songs they sing.

    I am a Disney nut, but if I see one more thing with Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) come into this house I will scream!

    All together now – I know you, I’ve walked with you once upon a Dream…..

  3. You might be a mom to girls if your husband’s toenails are painted. And if you don’t have girls, and his nails are painted, you have a problem! lol

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