You might be a big baby…

If after making supper, you say, “I’m exhausted”, and have to go lie down.

If yelling at your husband gives you a roaring headache and you have to go lie down.

If someone wants be read to, and you only concede if you can do it while lying down.

If someone wants to make cupcakes and you think, “I’m so not up for that”, but you do it anyway, but then you have to go lie down.

If you joined a Bible study, but then realized you really weren’t up for leaving your house at 6:00 at night, so you quit after two weeks, even though you really liked it.

If you have worn the same undershirt three days in a row because it seemed like too much effort to get all the way to the skin.

If you consistently sleep until nine if your husband lets you get away with it.

If you’ve given up all your hobbies because you’re just too tired to knit or scrapbook or….

If you really want to check your email, but the exertion of sitting upright for that long seems too daunting, so you just go lie down.

If you really want to think of a clever blog post, but you really can’t, and so you just go lie down instead.

9 thoughts on “You might be a big baby…

  1. I think a more appropriate title is "You might be GROWING a big baby if…"

    My first trimesters are usually like that, off and on in my second and sometimes a little in my third too.

    Give yourself a break, you're probably growing a spleen or something. 🙂

  2. Silly girl, you're so NOT a big baby. You are exercising your God-given, pregnant mam RIGHT to lie down.

    Or, as I tell John when he asks me why I'm on the couch again, "Because I'm growing a person inside of me. What have you done today?" 🙂

  3. I so get that.
    my belly popped out the minute I found out I was pregnant….I loved it!! fourth baby..I enjoyed EVERY minute knowing it was our last.
    Hey. I saw a movie last night called faith like potatoes…have you seen it??

  4. Real life that. You're not alone in any of these. Of course, I don't have a husband to yell at or get headaches much, but I think it still applies…


  5. seriously, awesome. haha! Love what the Texas lady said…heehee! I remember not being able to lift my upper half from the table it had collapsed on whilst pregnant with number two…I can't imagine the "exhausted" that comes with number four, and then lets imagine the Dugger momma…with number NINETEEN.

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