You know you’re in the country

when you find persons unknown have left bread and batter in your refrigerator.
I love the Farm Fresh life! Thank you unknown persons, I love bread!

(This is our front fridge, on the porch. It’s great to have a second fridge, for extra milk and juice, for parties, keeping sodas cold!)

Speaking of fridges, I saw some one’s blog post once where they had a picture of the inside of her fridge, along with a list of all its contents. Made my little voyeuristic heart go thump!)

One thought on “You know you’re in the country

  1. Hey there.

    I’ve been reading your blog since I saw you in the Country magazine and am thoroughly enjoying hearing about your family. Your girls are precious and I admire you for the wholesome childhood you are providing them.

    I made a comment in one of your December posts about the contents of someones fridge. You might like this site then… Have fun!


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