You can’t always choose

what will happen to you, but you can choose your response to it.

Today’s sermon and then our new home group discussing it was so so very good. We talked about life In Between.
The Israelites left Egypt, a green lush area and were being led by God to Canaan, another area blooming with life. In Between, however, they wandered the desert. They were brought near death many times. They whined. They complained. They cried out in their misery. They were In Between.
I’m not In Between right now, but I’ve been there. And I’m sure I will be again.
Even though there isn’t a Big Thing hanging over my head right now, doesn’t mean I don’t have a choice to make. I still am choosing my response to the little things.
How will I respond when two children are fighting over who gets to help me at the counter, a third is crying, a fourth is asking over and over where the velcro is, and the husband is pestering me about the same dadblamed velcro while I’m trying to make pizza crust?
How will I respond when the two year old starts his sock and my $1500 vacuum on fire?
How will I respond when the husband promised me he would be in from choring in time for me to make my favorite class at the gym sans children, and then he isn’t?
How will I respond when I literally cannot walk without tripping over something from one side of the room to the other and the baby has been fussing all morning?
How will I respond when someone maligns my husband?
It’s true, that your character is built in the land In Between. It’s true that you have to rely more on God when something big and catastrophic happens and your life is never the same. It’s true that you can feel God more, see Him move when you’re In Between, you grow more because you know you can’t do it alone.
I contend however, that it’s those little decisions I make every day that are even more character building. Luke says, “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.”
But if you aren’t faithful in the little things, how can you expect your response to the big ones to be any different?

4 thoughts on “You can’t always choose

  1. Wonderful post, Jessica. I love catching up on your blog and reading your Facebook status updates. You have a great perspective on life and I love watching how God uses it to minister to others. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Well said Jessica! I am not sure that the way I've responded to "little" things lately would prove me to be faithful…. whew that is a tough one. Better go talk to God! 😉 Thanks for your thoughts…

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