Yes, those would be my children

Saturday we had a good old fashioned family day at a tiny town festival, complete with overpriced smoothies and funnel cakes. Despite the rising temperatures, we managed to have a great time at the pancake breakfast, racing in the Toddler Trot, hanging out at the library, at the parade, scoring loads of candy; running through the mister, getting our face and hair painted, and eating Walking Tacos.

We managed to have a great time until the pony rides. Aviana sorely wanted a pony ride, even though our neighbors have ponies and ride down a couple times a month and offer rides to the girls. And even though they were slow getting set up, and the toddler sorely needed a nap, we waited. And waited.

In our group we were set to be second, and all the children get to choose the pony they wanted.

Aviana, my high needs, intense child chose her pony right away while we were in line. And wouldn’t you know, when it came time to get in the ring and stand by the pony of your choice, the only little girl in line ahead of us wanted the exact same pony.

Aviana started screaming and crying, literally having a fit and falling in it. We were in the ring completely surrounded by the line of waiting children and their parents, who have nothing else to do but watch the children ride the ponies, or in this case, watch our four year old daughter have a massive tantrum. Kevin and I were ready to make her just forget it and lift her over the fence, but the pony girl took pity on her and got her calmed down faster than I would have been able to, and even got her to smile.

Toward the end of the ride, the pony girl told the children, “One more time around and we’ll be all done.” Then it was time to get off, and Brielle, my stubborn and strong-willed child, had a tantrum. I had to pry her fingers off the saddle horn and carry her loudly kicking and failing self out of the ring, again under the watchful eye of all these parents and their perfectly behaved offspring.

Now I know we are consistent in discipline. I know we seek the Lord’s wisdom in the raising of our children. I know our home is filled with love, and structure, and fun and learning opportunities, and yes, discipline. I know my children are fortunate to live in this home.


It is still hard in situations like that, because you know many of those parents were judging us, and wondering what kind of crazy house we live in. You know many of them were thinking, “Wow! Glad that’s not my kid!” I’m 100% positive we do a more intentional and more effective job parenting than many of the people there, especially the guy walking his toddler around the pony ring wearing this tee shirt.

In situations like that one, I need a tee shirt that says something like “I do a great job mothering. I don’t know whose kids these are or why they are acting like this!”

19 thoughts on “Yes, those would be my children

  1. Oh it never fails. A long day of fun and sun and the melt downs are sure to happen at the worst possible time. Not that there is ever a good time, but don’t you wish they’d just wait until they got home?

  2. I’m sure this is God just trying to teach us something. Humility maybe.

    This story actually makes me remember to be less judgmental. Next time I see a little one freaking out in the store I’ll make myself remember it might not be faulty parenting.

  3. Oh Jessica, I’m SO with you on this one. Noah’s going through the screaming bloody murder in PUBLIC phase. I know I’m being judged, or stared at at least. It’s humiliating and all we can do is keep being consistent. I dread going out to stores though. (american mom)

  4. I’m right there with ya, Jessica. Travis and I are very consistent, and yet our kids decide to act like baboons when we are in public sometimes. It is so terribly embarassing, especially since I know my girls are great, sweet little girls.

    I would chalk it up to a long day and lots of excitement.

    And I cannot believe that dad wore that shirt! (hmmmm… am I being judgmental?)

  5. Those are the days when Cadrian is far and away your favorite, huh?

    We all have em’. Only those who have no children make those judgements….

  6. I hear you. My girls are generally very good, but then they have one of those out of body alien “this isn’t my child” sort of thing and THE LOOKS are what get to me. Like their children have never had a tantrum. Please……

  7. I wish it was my kid that acted up in public. At least then you can blame it on a long, hot, busy, fun day. You can’t do that when it is your husband in the middle of the Farm Progress Show. Talk about embarassing!! It is like he forgets that I know people there! I can just imagine what all those wives are thinking, “I sure wouldn’t let my husband act like that. Can’t she control him any better than that?”
    Now I dread going to the grocery store. All the pitying looks I am going to get.
    Oh, how I wish it had been Mason that threw the fit!!

  8. You totally crack me up!! And, I can relate… had a shopping trip yesterday that didn’t exactly go as planned. On another note, I love your blog. Just started my own, and am sponsoring a giveaway. Come join me. 🙂

  9. Nothing too much happened we just had a little tiff and just happened to be louder than I would have liked. There was probably 4 or 5 people around that I knew. Just very embarrasing.

  10. I have had moments like that and felt exactly like you… wanting to cry out… “really I am not that bad of a mom, I promise”… I guess it serves to keep us humble lest we judge that mom next time we are waiting in line for the pony.

    Keep it up… you are doing great!

  11. lol. those whose judgements are worth two cents aren’t judging you because EVERYONE has those days. Not that it makes YOUR day any easier. 🙂

    I got my IRL all set to publish- I might not get the chance to linky because I might be at the docotrs with my sick child. The one who missed just her second day of school and is still running a fever. 🙁 I feel one of those days coming on- ‘cept it just might be one of my girls saying “I don’t know who’s mommy she is or why she is acting like that.” 😉

  12. Oh you poor mommy!!! This has happened to me countless times. Just today Elaina lost her Good Girl sticker because she refused to say goodbye to her friends when it was time to go inside.

    She threw a fit and even went limp and had to be dragged inside the house. OMG! I was mortified.

    You should submit this story to We are THAT Family’s Family Tree Society.

  13. Okay, is it bad that the shirt made me LOL? Obviously I wouldn’t want my hubby to wear something like that… or wear it period. But it did elicit a chuckle.

  14. I’m not looking forward to those days, because I know they’re coming really soon…

    I can’t believe a father would have the bad judgment to wear that shirt in public, let alone at all. That’s some high class.

  15. Isn’t it crazy, the judgemental parenting? If they were to think it through, we’ve all been there, and their seeing one minute in your families life. Which may be their family next week.
    Oh well. I always try to smile to parents when their kids are falling apart… a nod to solidarity.
    And that guys t-shirt – WoW!

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