Yeah. That seems fair.

Kevin’s suggestion this morning: I’ll take Aviana (the most civilized one of the bunch) and go to ***** and watch the Iowa State game. You can take Brielle (the one who is still decidedly uncivilized) and Cadrian and go get everything we need at Target.

Me: How about I take Cadrian and you take the girls?

Him: I have to watch the game. I have to focus.

Me: I think Target is more arduous than watching a football game.

Him: But you love Target. (which is true, just not so much with our two year old in tow)

Me: It’s hard enough making all those decisions with just the baby.

Him: Well, the alternative is, I work all day and you have all three kids by yourself!

Me: That’s it! I’m telling all my friends and they’ll stage a coup on you!

So, my friends, begin the overthrow.

P.S. He wasn’t serious. He knows if he were, he’d have to lie down on the floor and I’d stomp his guts out.

5 thoughts on “Yeah. That seems fair.

  1. Girl, count me in!! Viva la Revolucion!!!!


    There’s nothing I enjoy so much as being wild and crazy and going to the grocery store by myself. I feel so decadent when it happens, like I have all the time in the world, and I’m just free as a bird!! Hope y’all have a great weekend. I’ll try and post an update this evening; we’ve been very busy! (Yeah, like I’m ever just sitting on my butt, eating bonbons! LOL!!)


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