So yesterday I almost fell asleep in church. I taught Sunday preschool to 15 little hooligans, my own being the worst of the bunch. Another little girl had her ears covered because of the volume of her screaming.

We drove about 20 minutes to an auction to see if we wanted to stick around to bid on a washer. I fell asleep on the way. And snoozed on the way back.

It was about two o’clock. Brielle fell asleep in the truck; we put her in bed. Aviana got settled for her quiet time. I lay down as well. I fell asleep. In the meantime, I ended up with both girls in bed with me, crowding me as usual. We all got up around six!

Kevin grilled the first steak of the season. Yummy fiesta veggies and zesty fries rounded out that delicious meal.

We put Brielle to bed an hour late at 8. We let Aviana stay up to watch a Planet Earth episode with us and sent her to bed about 9. I fell asleep on the couch around 9:20. Kevin and I went to bed officially around 10. I got up around 7.

I’m still tired. How is this even possible?

*Stumbles off to find find some coffee.*

3 thoughts on “Yawn…

  1. That’s pregnancy for ya! That or could be the 15 hooligans wore you out. lol Don’t you wish you could just fall asleep in the truck and have them put YOU to bed?

  2. It’s all that baby-growing you’re doing!! I was exhausted throughout my entire pregnancy with Eliza. Although taking Megafood’s blood builder (food-based iron supplement) did wonders in that area!!

    It sounds like it was a restful day – and YUM! to your dinner!!


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