Ya gotta try this…

So quite possibly the best snack ever–

leftover cut fruit & cream cheese dip

And Orange Julius–I started with a recipe I found online someplace, and since I never can follow directions, here’s what we ended up with:

8 oz prepared oj (1 c)
1 c milk
1/8 c. sugar–more or less
1/8 c. powdered sugar–more or less
1 t vanilla extract
I threw in a peach that was sitting on the counter (minus the pit of course!) It was good before that, but even better after!
and as many ice cubes as you’d like for the thickness you prefer. Add them one at a time to your blender after blending the rest.

It was hilarious watching the girls cover their ears and squeal with laughter every time they pushed start on the blender. This is a significant graduation from quaking with fear and needing to be held or in a different room should the need to blend arise.

Perfect cool and refreshing snack for a hot muggy day that ended with both girls and the dog covered in wet sand.

So technically, I guess it ended with baths.


12 thoughts on “Ya gotta try this…

  1. Hmm… can’t say it’s something I’d like! But I could definitely make it with berries and LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  2. My husband would do the bend me over backwards and kiss me so hard my head spins should I make this for him… I think I shall. 😉

    (I just need to get milk, orange juice, a peach…! No worries!)


  3. Scrumptious…I’m sure you’ve had the fruit pizza before. Yum. We don’t have a blender, but my food processor does a fine job, just in smaller batches…

    I got that Matthew Van Fleet book for my niece, too! We’ll be celebrating her 1st birthday (which is tomorrow) tonight. It’s a really cute book.

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