**Brielle has signed more several times.**

**Brielle signed all done accompanied by a verbal “ah da”**

**Brielle is standing for a minute or so at a time, but every time I get out the camera, she lunges toward me and is no longer vertical.**

**Brielle is nodding with her head and pretty much the whole top of her torso. Mostly she does it just to get an always enthusiastic response from her Giants, but the other night, Kevin said to her, “Aren’t you going to go to sleep?” No response. “Or do you just want to stay up and play?” Delighted laughter and giant sized nods.**

**At story hour, Miss Carol did a sheep theme. When she asked what lambs say, of course all the children chorused “Baa-aa-aa-aa!” Brielle chimed in with her adorably funny cackle, which sounds rather like a lamb’s bleating at just the right time. The other mothers thought she was incredibly brilliant. As do I.**

**Aviana woke up from her nap on the wrong side of cheerful. I asked her why she was fussing and she said, “I don’t remember!”**

**Still unhappy, I was making suggestions to her hoping to distract her from the grumpiness. “Do you want to listen to some positive encouraging K-LOVE?” Her response a whiney, surly “Noooo”
“Would you like to help me scan something?” Whiney, surly “Noooo”
“Would you like a cookie?” Whiney, surly “Noooo”
“Should we go upstairs and stamp?” Whiney, surly “Noooo”
I was running out of real ideas, so just started goofing off and throwing out silly wringers.
“Do you want to run around naked?” Whiney, surly “Noooo”
“Shall we jump up and down screaming?” Whiney, surly “Noooo”
“Should we fly to the moon? “Whiney, surly “Noooo”
“I dist don’t want to do any of dose fun fings!!”**

**During quiet time play time, Aviana changed her entire outfit. She added an extra pair of bundies, and had her shirt on backward, but still, pretty keen for a two year old. Much later, she went to the bathroom and hollered at me with much concern: “Mama! I have on two pairs of bundies!”

She couldn’t figure out what had happened, poor thing!**

**I was suddenly struck with a crushing migraine, so I took my medicine, trucked the chickies upstairs, put in a movie, and darkened the room and lay down. My sweetheart spoke in a whisper for over an hour, warmed up my herbal pack in the microwave for me, covered me with a blanket, offered me drinks of water (before Brielle spilled it all over the floor), and gave me her dolly to ‘nuggle.

I was overwhelmed with the sweetness, the consideration, the compassion. I also felt so sad that my two year old felt compelled to take care of me, The Mama.**

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