WWWAT: My Vintage Kitchen

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Metal spice containers lining the window looking out onto the porch
The ends of wooden fruit crates I pried off and made into wall decorations
From the other end
A crank telephone from the days when Kevin’s grandma worked as a telephone operator
A dish towel turned doily, embroidered and crocheted by my dad’s momA flour sifter, a canning jar filled with potpourri, a potholder my grandma made, a juicer and a picture I took of my niece, and of Kevin and me in Costa Rica on our mission trip “honeymoon”
Cookbooks dating to the 1950’s–I love the Boys and Girls Cookbook, I used it when I was a girl. Included within the Dinner for Two Cookbook are such delicacies as Jellied Chicken or Baby Liver and Onions. I am totally in love with Betty Crocker.
An eggbeater over looking the back yard.
Another flour sifter on top of another fruit crate
Kitchen canisters from the early ’60’s.

And this is my coup de force although it’s not really on display in my kitchen because I can’t figure out how to display it well. It’s an apron my great grandmother made with interchangeable holiday pockets. I don’t know when she made it, but she got married in 1915 so it’s “vintage” fo-sho!
I LOVE VINTAGE! I would totally be a ’50’s housewife, if heels didn’t hurt my feet ;-). Seriously though, So In Love with the era–50’s movies, the style, the class, the dressing for dinner, the gardening in ‘slacks’, the slower pace.

Thanks for the great theme Andie and for hosting Rachel!

15 thoughts on “WWWAT: My Vintage Kitchen

  1. You are a vintage girl too!

    I adore the fruit crates that are on your wall. Absolute perfection!

    Okay, so really I love it all, but those fruit crates really grabbed me.


  2. What an amazing kitchen you have!! I really like the old cookbooks…although I am not to sure about the baby liver and jellied chicken…:) Great job!

  3. Wow, you have some wonderful things in your house 🙂 The old tin can spices are wonderful and I love the old crates on your wall. Wonderful post!

  4. Those are great Jessica, I can’t believe that is all in your house! So cool – I just adore the wooden crate ends for wall hangings, I might steal that idea 🙂

  5. I’m a fruit crate girl too! I LOVE the idea of prying the tops off and using them as kitchen decor…you are super creative! I am using one of mine (a peach crate with a divider) as a bedside table, and another one as a portable bookshelf. It sits on one end of our fireplace during the non-winter months. I wish I could find more crates…we have a flea market coming to town this weekend, wish me luck!

    Btw, in the honeymoon pic of your dh and you, you look way shorter than him, are you really that much shorter? Wow!!!

    Great “Real Life” badge, I’ll play!

  6. I’m slouching a little in that picture, but I am about eye to clavicle. Maybe a little under.

    Wow. you’re observant.

    And to all–I am totally blushing. I think the pictures make it look a lot better than it is!

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