WWWAT-Capturing the light

How did it get to be Wednesday already?

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Late afternoon light and some chai lattes.

Early morning light and an inticate overnight creation
And don’t forget, if today is Wednesday that means tomorrow is It’s Real Life! Hope you’ll be playing!

14 thoughts on “WWWAT-Capturing the light

  1. I love the spider web one! I tried to get one similar, but I am not familar enough with my camera settings so it was taking too long to try to get it in focus. (And I had a 4 year old alone in the house) I guess I will have to spend a bit more time reading American Mum’s photo help!

  2. Your daughters are so cute. You almost make me like spiderwebs! Not the spiders though! We have some that are almost the size of dinner plates here but I sill love that spider web shot!

  3. the latte drinker is just too cute!!
    btw…I seriously just wanted to give you the darn bulletin board, but if I had cheated then I would have that on my conscience!! ha!ha! seriously.
    But, I was really hoping to draw your name!!!!!!!!
    Craig even asked me what was wrong when I drew the name and sighed…..oh well, NEXT TIME!!

  4. We live in southern Arizona & ugh! This summer there was a migration (they had to get to the other side of the road, right?) of tarantulas & you could hear them "popping" when you drove over them w/ your car tires. I really did try to avoid them. They get rid of lots of other bugs that are much, much worse!

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