wow. it really is all about me. :-)

What a productive day I had yesterday!

I started a new diet.
I prayed with some wonderful friends.
I made lunch for the kiddlets.
I had a little nap.
I read to the girls about some interesting bugs.
I helped the kids make a spider web.
We made a papier-maché bowl.
I made Zesty Burgers for Kevin’s party (a ping-pong-palooza).
I made dinner for the kids.
I got them all in bed.
I cleaned up my studio.
I updated Denton’s calendar.
I made a sling.
I was still so energized at 1 a.m. I had to get up and eat some cereal.
This morning I went to the gym.
I just got everyone (including myself) a megasnack.
Now I’m going to sit and do a little school with the girls and rock this precious baby.
Incidentally,this post’s intention is not that I’m trying to make myself look good. It’s just that I’ve struggled so with my mental health and well-being after this baby, that it is so refreshing and relieving when I feel productive and motivated.
God is good to bring me past my mental road blocks and hurdles and help me feel well. God is so good.

2 thoughts on “wow. it really is all about me. :-)

  1. So glad you are starting to feel better. It's always a struggle to get things under control. I hope the new year continues to bring you renewed energy and happiness!


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