Worms and Dirt and the %*$&# Bridges

I took my neice Cora and Aviana to a KinderNature class called Worms and Dirt. The girls got to touch and hold worms, examine them under a magnifying glass, make and eat Dirt Dessert with Gummy Worms (which was Miss A’s favorite part, I think), make a worm puppet, hear the story Diary of a Worm, and take home their very own worm in a little cup.

Aviana put hers in Cora’s garden with Cora’s worm, but then changed her mind on the way home from their house, started crying, and demanded we go back to retrieve her worm. We didn’t.

I drove back and forth across town four times I think, if not more, trying to find a bridge that was open. We stopped twice, once to nurse Brielle, and the other at a seedy gas station (that had an entire wall full of beer coolers and only two eensy weensy coolers with soda and lots and lots of people walking out with cans and bottles in brown paper bags at 2:00 in the afternoon), to change carseats and give Brielle a break in hopes she would STOP the SCREAMING! To no avail. I was stuck in Illinois for far too long!

All in all, though it was a wonderful day. I loved being with my daughters and neices and nephew. I had a nice visit with my sister. I had a wonderful visit with a couple of friends later that afternoon. Aviana was a little angel. Brielle too. I love being their mom.

Aviana: I’m teaching a twass on Wuwrms and Diwrt. Here, wook at dis: between my toes, dis is diwrt. And here, (hands me an imaginary Something she scraped off her foot) dis is a wuwrm.

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