Why is quiet time such a difficult process?

How many times will I have to put that child back in her room?

How much longer can the screaming stamina hold out?

Why do my kids pester me for stuff they know they can’t have?
Especially when they know if they ask me over and over they won’t get it?

Why is bedtime so far away?

Why are pigtails so darn adorable?

How much longer will I be privileged to have this baby snoring on my shoulder?

Is there anything better than an enthusiastic hug and a spontaneous “I wuv you”?

How can parenting simultaneously be so blasted frustrating and so unspeakably wonderful?

5 thoughts on “wondering…

  1. I hear you! Not the pigtails one, and sadly not baby snoring one, and no longer the nap-time one ’cause if my boy falls asleep where he lands that’s fine by me, but everything else, I hear you… Hey, hope you win Heidi’s prize. Have a happy day. Blessing. Naomi

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