Winter Fun Days

We went to one of the county environmental education centers for a Winter Fun Day, which actually would have been fun if the girls were closer in age to say, 9, or if the temperature had been a little warmer, like say, above 0. We were not up for snowshoeing, cross country skiing, a scavenger hunt that involved a lot of standing around in the cold wet woods or even the family snowman building contest.

As it was though they enjoyed some of the indoor activities such as the making of a bird feeder and the igloo made of milk jugs–I guess if you save your milk jugs for a year and then glued them all together you too could have a shelter like this one.

They also liked the animals, live and stuffed. Brielle surprised me when she saw a bear’s head on the wall of one of the lodges, signed bear and then roared! I’ve never heard her roar before, but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anything cuter!

4 thoughts on “Winter Fun Days

  1. It’s good to get out of the house sometimes, isn’t it! Your weather sounds much like ours – it is just stupid cold!!

    I bet the bear roar was cute! How could it not be coming from Brielle 🙂


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