window shopping

And for doors, and trim, lighting, sky lights, sinks, a shower, toilet, ideas for mud rooms and the family closet.

I’ve been googling like a mad woman tonight, when I should have been watching Supernatural, Season 1.

 Oh, Sam and Dean, you’ll have to wait another night for me to join you.

The boys were glued to the window most of the day watching the cement truck pour for our addition. It was rather interesting, I’ll admit. Today’s unschooling lesson: Construction 101. Our kitchen slider now opens onto  a four foot drop, but you can still get to an island of ground if you’re agile.

We’re going to start framing in next week! It will be wonderful to have a second bathroom! Then the five year old probably won’t have to go in the ‘little potty’ in an emergency.

That’s fascinating for Denton, at least. He willingly sits on the potty, but has only gone twice. Still, progress. I’ll be happy if he’s poo trained by the time the baby comes. Wet diapers are not a big deal to change, relatively.

Stuff I found:
arched interior doorway

archway between family closet and laundry room
pocket door and trim
pocket door for bathroom
only inside a cabinet

would want this inside a cabinet

delicioso asiento junto a la ventana    (delicious window seat)

window seat inside the family closet, storage under the bench

:the office
windows for the office
Pinned Image

mud room storage, I like this floor, or a herringbone brick
door from deck to laundry room?

door from laundry room to deck

As a completely unrelated aside (even more unrelated than Denton’s potty habits) (well, it’s related because of google), I also learned how to do the African khanga carry, and discovered Iowa City has a baby wearers group. Too bad I don’t live there.

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  1. I enjoy reading about your family's life! Those mudroom pics remind me of what some friends of ours did in their addition. Love all the individual storage cubbies!

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