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I don’t think I eat weird food; but apparently other people do.

Take for example the Heffner Special. This was a Sunday night standby growing up; when we didn’t have popcorn, cheese and apples, that is. The Heffner Special is a PB&J French toasted. Make your PB & J, dip it in whisked eggs and milk as you would for French toast and grill.

Another good one, very similar, is the Uncle Bob Special. Fry an egg and put it in the middle of a PB&J. Yum!

I just tried Brussels sprouts for the first time last night. They have a bad rap–because BOY are they good!

In college a friend introduced me to the delectable dish of fries covered with mozzarella, melted just a smidge, and dipped in ranch and ketchup.

How about you? Can I make one of your “weird foods” for dinner tonight?

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  1. My husband introduced me to grilled cheese with pepperoni – yum; another twist I like with grilled cheese is to top it with jelly, like toast – a surprisingly good combination that a lot of people raise an eyebrow at. 🙂 I also love graham crackers with slices of cheddar cheese.

  2. Brussels sprouts are awesome! My husband can’t stand them which is good – all the more for me!

    My daughter’s favorite lunch is peanut butter, jelly AND honey. She’s also a big fan of honey on onion bagels. I think my favorite strange-ish food is corn on pizza. Oh so good…

  3. Have you ever had Bruckle (sp?) soup? It’s cubed bread with fruit and milk on top. We use to eat strawberry shortcake for dinner in the summer too. Or how about pickles wrapped with cheese and ham? Those are my son’s favorite!

  4. I am a super picky eater. But my husband thinks that one of my favorites Peanut Butter and Banana is just gross. I don’t get that. That’s yum. Not too out there though since Elvis Presley used to eat them ;). I’m a plain Jane though so I don’t think I have any odd concoctions. Although, another thing my husband can’t stand is when I do breakfast for dinner. Again I don’t get that because he eats just about anything for breakfast. So I tend to save that for when he’s working late. The kids love it.

  5. I think the PBJ French Toast sounds fab! It’s very similar to a Montecristo only no meat and cheese.

    I have made nachos with potato chips, cheese, bacon bits and ranch dressing. Yum. I also like plain macaroni noodles with melted butter and chicken bouillon over it. You just mix the bouillon in the butter so it dissolves first.

    My kids love it when I make “snack lunch” or “snack dinner”. All that is is a slice of lunch meat, crackers, dried fruit and either a slice of cheese or string cheese. Had this for dinner last night in fact but it’s usually a lunch thing.

  6. Brussels sprouts make my tastebuds recoil in abject horror…but I do like something called Red Flannel Hash…a beet/hamburger/potato/onion hash. It was good, but made the kitchen look like a crime scene after dicing up all the cooked beets. My kids looked at it like, “Are you SERIOUS?!” but it was good.

    Oh, and cheese with apple or Rhubarb pie. Mmmm.

  7. Here’s a little variation on one of your sandwiches that my mom made me when I was a kid. Make a sandwich with jelly and cream cheese, then french toast fry it. It is really good. A weird thing I do is put homemade honey mustard on my omelettes with cheese. I also dip fried fish, hush puppies, and french fries in honey mustard, I just love the stuff. Also, I always dip my cheese sticks/mozzarella sticks in ketchup, not marinara.

  8. Hubby spent a semester in Spain our senior year of college. He loved this dish they made over there, and tried to replicate it – but came up with his own yumminess instead. It sounds gross, but really is pretty tasty! Over-medium eggs, hot dogs FRIED with the eggs and tater tots. We lovingly refer to it as Spanish breakfast. I like to mix it all together & cover it with ketchup. Delish!

  9. Try grilled cheese with bacon and tomato inside (cooked bacon, of course). Thought my grandmother was nuts, and I ended up eating 4 of 'em in one sitting.

    Personally, I like mashed potatoes with melted velveeta in them, or mixing my mac & cheese with mashed potatoes. Take a scoop of macaroni, scoop that through the taters and eat.

    If I really thought about it, I could come up with lots of stuff for ya.

  10. I was a vegetarian for 17 years. Everything I ate was wierd. My favorite breakfast is a Garden Burger pattie smothered in salsa. Weird for me is steak and potatoes! HA

    Fun blog. I saw you over at Becky’s and liked your name. Farm Fresh… makes me think of breakfast foods (: ~K

  11. my nana’s recipe of hot dogs, potatoes, eggs is our family wierd food. slice and cook potaoes in oil until browned, add sliced up hot dogs until they are warm- add scrambled egg mix (eggs beat with milk) and scramble the whole lot together until eggs are done- yummy and cheap!

  12. French fries & gravy – it's a Canadian thing

    Amy – Jeff & I both grew up eating PB & pickle sandwiches too.

    My dad said my sister & I wouldn't eat stir fry until he made it with hot dogs.

    -Amy S.

  13. My kids like jelly sandwiches and medium cheddar cheese. My MIL makes a sandwich called Fluffernutters. It’s bread with Nutella and that marshmallow stuff in a jar.

    I put mayo on my hotdogs. Or bacon on my peanut butter toast.

    So far, the worst was what my MIL told me. A Twinkie with a cooked breakfast sausage stuffed in the middle heated with pancake syrup over the top. YUCK!

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