Why my brain is tired

***please note, questions and comments may or may not overlap and run hlter skelter through the air, independent of any semblance of order. I plop you in the middle of a moment of my day.***

mama, is Kaleb the tallest in in his family?
Is he taller than Dada?
what If I get to be taller than my measuring strip? will I be six feet tall? Will I be th tallest girl ever in the world?
NO, Goliath’s wife was the tallest in the world.
i bet Goliath’s shoes were longer than the car.
Is a cwocodile wongewr den the car?
Is Goliath longer than a volcano?
Are there volcanoes in Colorado?
If we left right now would we be in Colorado by the morning?
Would we see a fire if we woke up in Colorado?
Is Co-woe-wad-oh in ‘Merica?
How faw is it to ‘Merica?
why vocanoes bwoe up?
We be died if we in a volcano?
How hot does a volcano get?
can you touch one after it erupts?
Erupt.E–rupt. EEEEEE-rupt. Eruptttt. Erupt. Erupt. Eeee-rrrrupt.
What makes a volcano erupt?
what if a volcano erupted in our field?
why we no have sunfwoweres in our field?
why are our sunflowers done blooming , and that sunflower field is not?
do we hav esweet corn in our field?
Can we eat sweet corn for Cadrian’s birthday?
I stopped being a big fan of sweet corn when I lost my front teeth.
I wonder when I’ll lose a tooth.

***and then I took a nap***

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