Why is it called

cabin fever when it’s so freaking COLD?! The high today is in the -2 range, it’s blowing snow so even the main roads are getting snowed shut, never mind our gravel road, our lane and driveway.

I pretty much spent all day yesterday sick on the couch, and even though I’m feeling somewhat better today, I’m no less cranky. There is ice all around our windows and it makes for a sparkly God-given decoration, but I also feel like there is ice all around my heart.

I’ve only left the house in the past week to go to my mother-in-law’s and I left the kids with her for an hour while I went to the library. My kids are driving me crazy. Even when they are being sweet and kind to each other and to me, I still feel out of sorts. Mostly though they are fighting with each other and being prickly and argumentative with me. Aviana has been contradictory, and pushing the limits on everything. Brielle is as well, in addition to fighting naps again and then being whiney and tantrum prone because of it. Cadrian has returned to screaming in the middle of the night.

I don’t know how Ma Ingalls did it.

Maybe it has something to do with the “Children should be seen and not heard” philosophy of child rearing. Maybe had something to do with “the woodshed” mentality. Maybe she was an introvert who didn’t mind being stuffed in her one room cabin in the woods while the snow piled over the windows and up to the eaves and the wind fiercely blew down the chimney. Maybe she never missed what she never knew. Maybe she was just a better person and a better mother.

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  1. I wish I could give you a big hug! I know how you are feeling right now. The last two weeks have not been very good with my kiddos. I will be praying for you. I hope that you recover quickly. It really stinks being stuck in the house so much. I feel like its gonna be a l-o-n-g winter.

  2. Lets try to remember that Ma Ingalls is a WORK OF FICTION!

    We all been there …. I know you want to hit me hard right now….but breathe deep and know it will pass.

    But it will probably be back again to bite you in the ass in a few weeks…..Now you REALLY want to throw things at me huh?


  3. We all have those days. I’m sure even Ma Ingalls did too. This has pretty much been my life the past two weeks so I totally feel your pain. It will pass. Try not to get too down on yourself in the meantime though. You are a great mother. And what makes you even greater is that you are able to admit that not everyday is perfect ;).

  4. I have been going through the same exact thing (except being sick—I hope you feel better soon!). I hope you can make it to the cookie exchange tomorrow night. Maybe some grown up lady time will cheer us up and bat away the blahs. I know I could use a break.

  5. I have to agree with Mel… that’s all fiction. Rigt now in SOuth Africa we have 6 weeks of summer school holidays and my three kids are still whining, bickering and complaining about doing their few chores, going to visit family, being bored, just plain ratty with each other and me?? Well I’m used to having my morning to “be” at home, scrapbook, blog, visit with friends so my wings have been clipped too, now Hubby’s alos on leave and wants to know what I’m doing and to sit with him (all the time) If we lived closer I’d send you a nice cuppa tea. BTW it gets better… (like when the’re 30, married and all moved out)

  6. i’m pretty sure she just didn’t miss what she didn’t know!

    and maybe every once in a while when pa came in at dark she’d run out back behind the woodshed and scream a few times, and take a swig of whiskey? (for medicinal purposes only, of course, as she was certainly sure she was losing her mind.)


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