Why I’m glad I got up this morning

*I had Heartstrings (Bible study) this morning. I didn’t really want to go. It was cold and I was running late and haranguing everyone out the door. Aviana, who only the day before went to MOPS preschool without so much as a backwards glance, clung to me with lobster claws, leaving me once again to feel like I was abandoning her. I forgot to drop off the diaper bag with Brielle so had to leave to give that to her. And my mom, who was supposed to be meeting us there, called in the middle of the hour.

However, once I could actually focus, and unwind a little bit, I totally connected with my Savior. The leader left a half hour at the end of class to journal, and then we independently did communion to one of my all time favorite songs. I’ve been totally struggling with something that I feel like God is asking me to do. After Sunday, I was feeling pretty comfortable with it, but after today, I am completely excited about it!

*I arrived home to clean carpets! We haven’t had the carpets cleaned since we moved in, and having the decrepit Daschund here was a wonderful catalyst to have them done. We realized that we never had the kitchen carpet (the eating area by the summer kitchen is carpeted, the food prep area is linoleum) cleaned. We realized this because the carpet, now that it’s clean, is a different color than we thought it was!

*For a short while, I had both kiddlets napping at the same time.

*I started making a yummy bean soup, lifted the lid off the simmering pot one-handed to add some sweet potato…
and this is why I wish I would have stayed in bed…You cannot even imagine how painful this is! I spent the next hour crying, with my hand in a pan of cool water. Nothing seemed to help.

To top it off, I had made a commitment to help our neighbor with Good News Club, an outreach for school age children, so I couldn’t even stay home and have a pity party. I thought I would be able to deal, but I almost fainted while I was there the pain got so bad! We fixed me up with an ice pack, and while I wasn’t that much help, I’m still glad I went.

After being a big baby all evening and keeping my hand submerged which was the only thing that was even tolerable, Kevin found a remedy online that actually helped. We dipped my hand in egg whites for about a half hour, and then I could actually sleep. It still hurt, but no where near as badly!

**Update**I actually wrote this Thursday afternoon, because as of last night I still couldn’t use my hand. Today it hurts a bit, especially if I bang it into something, which being the klutz I am, happens more than I’d like to admit. Even though it looked like my hand was covered with snot, I’d definitely declare the egg white a raging success!

3 thoughts on “Why I’m glad I got up this morning

  1. 1. i feel so bad about your hand! there are no breaks for moms, so if you injure yourself- especially your much-needed hands- you realize how much you use/need/should appreciate them!!!

    2. great tip with the egg whites! why does it help? does it create a sort of “second skin” barrier, or does it soothe somehow??

    again- so sorry about the burn!!!



  2. OOOOwwwww!! Hon, that hurts to look at! I’m so sorry! Glad you were able to make it to Bible study; I find that often, the times I end up being the most blessed are the times I didn’t even want to do something (church, Bible study, meeting with friends, etc) just before I left. God is wonderful like that, isn’t He?

    I was wondering, have you ever read anything by Michael and Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy Ministries? Have a great day!!


  3. I am so sorry about your hand!
    I can’t even imagine how much that must have hurt. I do hope it is feeling better… at least somewhat?! Burns hurt so badly. A couple of months ago I laid my wrist on the rack in my 425 degree oven…. it was a very painful time in my life 🙂

    I am fascinated by the egg white remedy. I too would like to know why it works!


    Hope you have a good weekend!


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