why I love my chiropractor

Chiropractic care basically allows the power that made the body to heal the body. I love the essence of its care–to put your body back in perfect alignment so it can be functioning at it best. It’s the same philosophy to me as good nutrition.

I’ve been getting adjusted for 8 years more or less. Originally, it was because I was dating chiropractic student, and then it was because I saw such amazing relief with chronic, debilitating migraines. I’ve been getting the girls adjusted since they were newborns. They’ve never been to the doctor for sick visits, except for Aviana’s Appendix Adventure.

My own chiropractor is a teacher as well as a man of superb intelligence and panache. He’s short, bald and speaks with an Arkansas accent. He’s prone to a flamboyant flair, choosing flashy colors like coral and Kelly green, but he carries it off surprisingly well. He’s father to twin boys and husband to a most understanding wife. He’s fantastic with my girls both personality wise and care wise. He specialized at one time in maternity and post-partum care.

I have been having pelvic pain, much like I did with Brielle, that got so bad with her I could hardly walk. I didn’t realize at the time that I should have mentioned it to my chiro. Because he adjusted me today, I am feeling fine now!

It is just amazing what having your body be “right” can do for a girl.

I didn’t even realize that chiropractic care is kind of an “alternative”. Or that people can have really strong negative opinions about it.

I was having a conversation a while back with a friend who was going off about another friend of ours who takes her kids to the chiro for ear infections. She couldn’t believe someone would actually get their child adjusted, or wouldn’t just go get a prescription right away. She told me chiropractors are quacks and aren’t real doctors. She obviously didn’t know what a proponent of chiropractic care I am.

But the conversation really opened my eyes to how much people don’t understand about how the body works.

***edited to add***Ironically, I wrote and posted this and promptly got a migraine. After being awake with it several times in the night, and resting and medicating almost all day Saturday, Kevin called Dr. Chiro and asked him what we should do. His response?

“I’ll be right out!” He arrived tout de suite and adjusted me on my couch. We paid him with 2 dozen eggs.

I was really hoping for an immediate transformation, but the headache hung around for the night. Around 2 a.m. I woke up with it still drilling me, and prayed to God, If you want me to teach Sunday pre-school tomorrow, you’d better get rid of this migraine!”

Sunday all was good!

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  1. Okay! We have way too much in common! I LOVE my chiropractor! I’ve been going since I was little…like since I was 3 or 4. I was in a car accident in 2000 and I would be in constant pain if if weren’t for the chiro. Ours is also a kiniseologist (sp?) and that is the best! Actually…the kids & I were just sick so I called the peditrician & got them in at 12:15 last Friday. Then I got myself into the chiro at 11:15. He tested all of us and said it was a viral infection and to take vit C & another natural suplement that he advised. Then we get to the pediatrician and he says our systems need a boost…here are perscriptions for all the kids! If it’s viral…which it was…antibiotics don’t do anything! So I threw them away and took the vit. C. We are all better! Also collidol silver is a natural antibiotic/immune boost. I use this all the time with great results.

    Oh! The bread is yeast bread. Thanks for the help with the slide show…I did it by accident! Hey…thanks for the encouragment…but I enjoy reading your blog. It’s a boost for each other!

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