Where I saw God today

I hate Daylight Savings. Not that I care what time it is really, but it automatically means that my husband starts working lo-o-o-o-nger hours-which I hate, and I hate adjusting to a new time. It’s getting harder on my body as I age, and it’s not that old of a body!

So in addition to the usual nightlife (nursing, taking toddlers to the potty), I was still feeling the lost hour and I woke up exhausted. Kevin had been working or we’d been gone for most of the weekend, so I haven’t had any time to regroup really for well over a week. Top that with an almost constant tummy ache, starting last Monday.

I got the girls up and dressed and then went back to bed. Not to sleep really, but just to be by myself, not thinking. That lasted ohhhh, three minutes. Aviana started banging on my door and hollering as soon as she realized I was alone. After making her ask nicely, I let her come in to snuggle me. It’s hard to resist an “I want to nuddle you betuz I WUV you.” Then Brielle joined in the mix. Kevin brought her in and said, “I gotta get outside.” Sometimes, I just hate hearing that. At least it’s better than ” I gotta get sumthin’ done.” I hear the implication of child care and family time as nothing.
Anyway, I digress. I fussed a bit, because I really needed a break. After a good cry and a chat with my mom, I felt better. She reminded me of the verse I have posted on my desk: Through each day the Lord pours His unfailing love upon me. Psalm 42:8
She challenged me to look for ways God was pouring out His love on me:
1-The infectious giggle of my babies
2. A new fuzzy black bull calf

3. Striped rubber boots

4. Gorgeous spring weather

5. A compliant toddler

6. Being able to Stairstep and watch Oprah while the little darlings played amicably

7. Doing the actions to “Arty, arty” and “Zatias” (arky, arky and Zaccheus) a kazillion times, and still getting giggles and grins

8. The baby clapping and giving fives

9. A husband who says “Why don’t you take a break?” after working a full day ’til 7 and before he’s even showered and takes over the bed time rituals so I can

10. Scrap a layout of my gorgeous girls

and that, my friend, is just the beginning.

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