When the toddler’s away, the parents will

hang things?
Kevin made the quilt hangers. Isn’t he talented? The quilt on the left was made by Grandma for Brielle, and the one on the right was made for Connie by her and Kevin’s great-grandma Meta.
My grandma Leonard made this one for Aviana, my mom made the “Pocket Bunny”, and the dresser was Kevin’s grandma’s. We had it refinished the summer we had Miss A.
And this is the quilt Grandma made for me, way back in 1975!
I have long been trying to get A’s library in some sort of order, and yet have them still be available to her to look through and read, and simple to put away. We hung up vinyl gutters!

In case you’re wondering where the toddler is, she’s spending the night at Grandma Joyce’s, having the time of her young life, no doubt.

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