What’s your story?

Fellow blogger friend Mary tagged me in a Meme–How did you get engaged?.

Ahh–It’s a beautiful story! My dear husband is one of the most creative guys I know, although he doesn’t pull out the big guns very often. Our engagement is one of those memories that I turn to to help me fall asleep, or to cheer up a bad day or (not that I ever need to do this) to think happy thoughts about my man again.
After a year of courting, we had come to kind of a crossroads in our relationship, and I was sincerely feeling like if Kevin wasn’t ready to move up to the next level, I would have to break it off. We had so much good together, and all that was holding us back was fear.

I went to Europe for a two week trip with some students. Kevin came to Chicago to pick me up from the airport. Our flight got in late in the evening, so he had arranged for us to stay (relatively chastely, I might add) at a B&B there, so we could spend the next day down at Navy Pier. The next morning, he told me he had some presents for me. I opened some silly little things like an All American bear to remind me of how good the USA is. Then he wanted to go outside to take some pictures of the pond and waterfall. He had me pose for some shots. Then he set the self timer for some shots of the two of us. Almost off handedly he gave me a card. Within was a poem, he had written, and read to me. The end of the poem was “The Question”. I tearfully said YES!!, and he presented me with the ring. A gorgeous perfect for me ring. After all the crying and kissing, he told me he had one more present for me: The current issue of Modern Bride –does my man know me or what?!

We had a terrific time that day, especially because I got a second proposal! We went on a speed boat ride at Navy Pier and were basking in our newly upgraded status, just giggling and goofing around.

The tour guide spied us and into the microphone, drawing attention to our silliness, asked, “What are you two doing?”
And I said, “We just got engaged, we can do anything we want!”
He countered with, “Where did you propose? Out in the parking lot? Why didn’t you do it on my boat?” And generally ribbing poor Kevin to death. He ‘suggested’ Kevin do a proper proposal right then and there, in front of the 100+ passengers.
So what else could my shy, non-attention seeking husband do, but get down on one knee for the second time that day?

These are from our wedding scrapbook:

3 thoughts on “What’s your story?

  1. What a wonderful story!! And the pics just clinched it, I’m SO glad you scanned those pages, you rock at scrapbooking! I should have known by the great pics you always post here on your blog… ;O)

    I say there couldn’t have been a better welcome home from Europe!!! Wow. Loved your story!

    Are you going to tag 3 people for their stories???

  2. Ah-ha, you’re like me…perhaps? I always feel a bit guilty putting people on the spot for these things!

    Even for the blog awards, though they’re cool to get…and give…there’s just too many good ones out there to narrow it down!

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