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I have had a case of the blogging blahs. I think I like to do too many things. And blogging doesn’t lend itself well to sharing. And with a limited, v.e.r.y limited amount of ‘free’ time, I just can’t do everything I like to do. I can’t knit and blog. I can’t read and blog. I can’t read other people’s blogs, update my facebook status, or mess around on eBay and blog. I certainly can’t scrapbook, bake or do school and blog. I have been spending an inordinate amount of time writing preschool lessons for the preschool teachers we’ve hired for our MOMS group. There’s also the coordinating, typing, emailing and whatever else I spend so much time on for MOMS group.

Have I mentioned MOMS group? We just had our third meeting today. It went really well, and I didn’t feel so frazzled at the end of the morning as I did the previous two. God laid it on my heart to start a MOPS group at my church, since it has been such a blessing to me, and meant SO much to me, some time ago. When I finally accepted His challenge, I somehow ended up in charge. I don’t really feel that my gifts lie so much in the administrative arena; I’m way too social and a bit of a flutterbudget, but He is helping me get better. We had an introduction meeting, a speaker on discipline, and today’s speaker was on Smart Spending.

I got some good ideas, and I was challenged to go back to cloth diapers. (I’ll probably start that tomorrow, AFTER story hour.) On the whole though, I felt like God was giving me a thumb’s up in that area. I used to have a serious, ahem, shall we say, money problem? I would see something I wanted, and I would buy it. Whether I had the money or not. And I usually didn’t. But now, even though we don’t “budget”, we know where the money goes each month because we put everything on the same credit card, which we faithfully pay off. It has really helped us see where the money is going and where we need to cut back, and really, we can all cut back. Anyway, a lot of our speakers suggestions were ones I already do. I had no idea I was really so frugal, or cheap, depending on your point of view.

So MOMS group is taking up some time, and I’ve been pretty harried lately by the end of the day. I can’t really rub two coherent sentences together by the time the chittlins are in bed, and can only get on the ‘puter in short bursts during the day. Kevin has been working late. A lot. And we haven’t even started harvest. Today he mostly took off work since it was about 40ยบ and raining fishheads and hammerhooks; I didn’t realize how much I have been doing alone. Our marriage has grown much in the last seven years, because I am no longer resentful, or make the family compete with the farm. I have a greater sense of security. He’s got a lot of irons in the fire and he isn’t choosing work over us, he is providing for us, and loving us by doing so. It has taken a lot of prayer to be comfortable with that bit of insight, believe you me.

Random photo of my favorites that has nothing whatsoever to do with this monologue

At this rate, and with this weather, he is serious that we may not be done with harvest by the time we leave on our cruise ind December. Have I mentioned the cruise? It was all his idea. And he booked it all and lined up my parents to stay with the children, with his parents pinch hitting as necessary. I’m beyond excited.

I’m also really a little hesitant-tense-nervous. Cadrian, 14 months, isn’t weaned yet, or sleeping through the night. The girls are already a bit anxious about when we are leaving them. We had to drastically curtail their sleepovers at Grandma’s because they just couldn’t handle that much change of routine, so I have no idea how well they will deal with us being gone for 10 days. It’ll be great for me though!

That’s about the bare minimum of what is up with me. The day to day that keeps me hoppin’ and falling into sleep exhausted and up several times a night, and outings, plans, trips to look forward to; that about sums up what’s up.

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