What’s dose ABC’s doing?

While driving by a bank tower with a scrolling marquee around the top, Aviana asks, “What’s dose ABC’s doing?” It took me a minute to figure out what she meant, but once I did, I was so impressed that she recognized that there were letters and they would have a meaning.

She also will point to words on a page and say “What’s dat says?”

I said something to her about taking my girls with me, and she said, “Mama have two girls.”

She also counts items like Brielle’s fingers, books, blocks, spoons, what have you. Generally she skips 4, but she has the basic idea down.

These are really significant milestones because it means she is grasping the concept that the letters and numbers stand for something and are symbolic in meaning. That is higher level abstract thinking.

I’m gonna have to stop calling her “Baby” A. But not yet.

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