What a weekend!

I have to say: My love tank is FULL. What a wonderful weekend.

Saturday it was cool and rainy. It was the first rain we’ve had essentially all month, which put Kevin in a good mood and gave him an excuse to take the day off. He was teasing me that every 1/4 inch is worth thousands of dollars.

We went to some furniture stores. I didn’t think think we would actually buy anything, but he got me a new rocker recliner to replace the hideous green inherited one we’ve had forever, and a storage hutch for our entertainment/play room, which has no storage whatsoever. We got to bring the hutch home with us, and its drawers are already full of movies and toys. I have to figure out how I am going to organize the rest of the stuff. Plus that got us motivated to get rid of some random pieces of furniture up there that were just in the way, and not serving any purpose.

Sunday we went to church with the folks and Connie. We went out for brunch and to the park. We stopped at Home Depot and Kevin got some drywall stuff to start the process of fixing up the “hobbit room” into a reading nook. It’s just this little tiny room that used to be called the harness shop between our entertainment/play room & the upstairs hallway and bedrooms. I have visions of a cozy little reading spot for the girls and me. We’ve even discussed the possibility of tube lights, which would bring in natural light through the attic.

Then we went for a nice long bike ride, with our “new” double bike trailer.

Normally, I don’t really care for bike riding, because according to other people (not according to me!) I’m a really slow rider. I like doing it for the social aspect and get a little exercise at the same time; I’m not out there to win the Tour de France.

Plus I talked to both my sister and brother in the same afternoon. We’re having an all family campout coming up in June, and neither one is going to be able to be there! But I still had a nice unhurried visit.

Then we had the in-laws over for a hot dog roast in our fire pit. It was a gorgeous evening to be sitting out on the lawn. The flies weren’t too bad, and when you have cattle, flies are a constant disgusting battle.

Monday we meant to go to a Memorial Day service, but just got there in time for the jet flyover. We grilled out burgers and played over at the folk’s and after I got Brielle asleep, we took our “new” boat out for its inaugural voyage.
The first time Kevin threw his line in, he brought out a fish! We mostly just brought the poles along for looks; we hadn’t really planned on catching anything, but he ended up catching two. Oddly, the lake his folks live on has a rule that you can only keep fish 12 inches and under, and they were both too big. Connie wasn’t much for the fishing part. It was great to be mellow out on the water.

We hung out until A went to bed over there. Kevin and I came home and watched, of all things, the Miss Universe pageant. Never having watched one of these pageants before, it was oddly intriguing.

All in all, a fantastic weekend.

One thought on “What a weekend!

  1. Wow! My love tank would be full too! We’ve got a “hideously” blue “inherited” rocker recliner, so I know how much it means to you to get the thing replaced! I can’t wait, but unfortunately, it’s dh’s favorite! Ugh!! LOL.

    And, we have the same double stroller as you! Aren’t they the best for country roads! (ie: gravel here!)

    Wish I could send you some of our rain, we’ve been getting it every day for a while now. It seems like mid-April instead of late May!

    Come over to my blog and give me some camping recipes…we’ll be camping out in June for a few days, I’ve not done more than an overnight in a LONG time!

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