6 thoughts on “What we do around here

  1. Hey there! Love reading your blog! In answer to your question on my blog, no news yet! We were just at 2cm at our appt yesterday, but still only 50% effaced. We’re not even due until May 1! Dr. said she didn’t expect me to go in the next week, but then she did throw in that she had been wrong before!!! LOL – we’re anxious, but trying to be patient! Can’t wait to see our little girl’s face! How have you been feeling?

  2. is that ball put in your house!? Looks fun! Your hubby is hilarious. Too cute! I have a pic of mine wearing my son’s hooded towel that looks like a frog. LOL

  3. The ball pit is at an indoor play gym. I would like to think I’d like one at our house, but then I’m sure we’d end up with balls all over, it would lose its novelty with the girls, and I’d be all irritated. 🙂

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