What we did today

… practiced our balance. For some reason, after I help her slide down the bannister, she thinks it’s great fun for me to leave her sitting on the ballister at the bottom of the stairs.

…built towers. According to her two year old evaluation, she should be able to build a block tower of at least 7 blocks. I’m thinking she has that mastered.

I forgot to write about the visit to the pediatrician; I was too frustrated by all the temper tantrums. How funny is this: In the handout they gave me, the first thing on it reads “At this age, children often say ‘no’ or refuse to do what you want them to do”. Well, no duh! I must say, however, that I handled that entire morning with grace (Thanks to God!) and didn’t let it ruin my day. Prayer is such a powerful weapon! Anyway, she is 33 1/2 inches tall and 25 1/2 pounds, which puts her in the 40th and 30th percentiles respectively. The doc was very impressed that she’s potty trained, thought she was a “very smart girl”, dubbed her healthy (but why should it cost us $130 to find that out?) and was really good with her, despite the fact she kept pointing at him and saying “Dat-Dit OUT!!” (that, get out!) What do you DO when your child is so rude? I reprimanded her of course, but we weren’t exactly in a situation where I could take immediate action…

*actual time spent with doctor OR nurse–18 minutes (including the nearly 10 minutes it took to weigh & measure her, & the swat I administered in the restroom)–which breaks down to $7.20 per minute. The whole appointment lasted 45 minutes- so what does that say about how much they value my time? And even if we do have insurance, why does it cost so much to have someone else tell me what I already know? It’s no wonder we have to pay so much for the independent health insurance we have to have.

Baby news: None to speak of. I’ve been getting contractions every day & sometimes they are even regular-ish, like last night, but then they taper off to nothing. I am ready to have this baby in my arms!

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