What a steal!

So I was driving home yesterday on a country road in the pouring rain and I glanced over and saw a huge pile in someone’s driveway for the junk man. The pink caught my eye. There were dolly strollers, book cases, chairs, a little desk, and even a kid sized drum set. Despite the downpour, I thought I’d just “check it out”. I could see nothing wrong with these two items, so yep, I did it!

I put someone else’s trash in my van!

Upon closer inspection in our garage, I could see they were each missing a wheel. That’s it. Those cat footprints you can see in the bookcase are from our nosy cats in our garage.

I’m pleased with my finds!

5 thoughts on “What a steal!

  1. i love a good deal- so invigorating! glad you took a chance! isn’t it amazing what people throw away? i bet they could’ve found a young mom who could use those things! (glad they didn’t, though, bc now they’re yours!)


  2. Wow—what a great find! My sister does that all the time, and she finds some great stuff! People don’t usually put good stuff out here in town. *bummer*

  3. Awesome! I would have done the same thing. What bothers me about people throwing stuff like that away is just filling up landfills when it could be used by someone. They could have at least taken it to goodwill or something. But glad they didn’t so you could get it!

    Just the OCD recycler in my coming out!

  4. I pick up good trash on the side of the road, too!!! (Jewels already mentioned I do that I see… I’m the sister she’s talking about!).

    Anyway, no shame in finding AMAZING stuff by the side of the road. Sometimes I deliberately put something on the curb and hope it blesses someone.

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