What I saw too much of today

At least for the moment she is playing happily, and not throwing yet another tantrum!

And my hand picture from yesterday…That’s because of the steam burn I got last week. Will your kind recommendations still help? Using the burn cream and Aquaphilic like I have been hasn’t seemed to help…

6 thoughts on “What I saw too much of today

  1. Both of those suggestions will help with the hand, as far as the tantrums, my six year old seems to be nothing but a walking tantrum, lucky for me the 5 year old stays calm.

  2. Sounds wierd, but the full moon and eclipse this week have really stirred up some wierd behavior!

    About the hand… use vitamin E oil on it. It will soothe it, and keep it from scaring and heal faster…. promise!

    tantrums – walk away and ignore them… grab a cup/glass of your favorite yummy and some snack and let them rip… they will soon come to you wanting a bite, drink, etc… and be over their fit- all the while learning that tantrums don’t get the results they want… but obedience and behaving does.

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