What I don’t have time to post about

* our trip to the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium yesterday. Very fun and connective to spend the day as a family, despite my getting overheated and feeling quite faint while making a simulated river journey.

* the big birthday party preparations. (a girl turning 4 and a girl turning 2) Party in less than two weeks. Anyone know how to best make a tiered cake? Miss A wants a cake like this. Do I really need to use cake boards and dowel rods?

Does anyone have a good recipe for Jello fluff–preferably pink fluffiness?

* the baby shower some friends are hosting for me on Sunday–I’ve been looking at Moses baskets and Maya wraps, nursing wear and sleep sacks, trying to get a handle on what I want for the baby so I can actually answer when people keep asking the question of what I want for the baby

* the scrapbook calendar I’m working on for Baby C–only 6 more months to go! Think I can get 6 pages done in three +/- weeks?

* our midwives are coming in an hour or so–I wanted to get a 37+ week post done… and get the laundry put away and the clutter picked up

* the good deal I got at Snapfish–I just ordered a YEAR’s worth of prints–I haven’t had pictures developed since last year & saved almost $40 over the price at Walmart/Walgreens/ect. Use this code on checkout jul4penny08 to get 50 prints for 50ยข.

*my oldest girlfriend–we’ve been friends since we were 12!! Although, we’re not as ‘in touch’ as we once were unfortunately–just got engaged!

* all the miscellaneous cuteness, hassle, and chores we see around here on a daily basis.
Ok, ok, just a smidge: Brielle, on the 9 foot alligator in the aquarium, to a total stranger, while moving her hands together in a sign for alligator, “Bite YOU! Bite YOU!”

Aviana, upon realizing we are almost at the museum, “When we det dere, we will twy tears of excitement and djoy!”

Brielle’s first three word sentence: “NO WANT TO!”

Having our neighbor come pick our cherries for us (we split them with him as payment) and having the house ooze the essence of warm cherry cobbler. Not even Yankee candle can do it quite like that!

Toodleloo my dear friends–I’ll try to make an interesting post soon!

7 thoughts on “What I don’t have time to post about

  1. my mouth is watering at the mention of cherry cobbler and I don’t even like cherries. Yum yum!
    You have been busy. Wish I could help on the cake front but I am clueless about tiered cakes. I do know that you can bake it ahead of time and wrap it really good and freeze it. I do this with all my cakes and nobody knows that I didn’t make it that day. I take it out when I’m getting ready to frost it. Oh and the key is to freeze it as soon as you can remove it from the pan.

  2. Pink Fluff: Well, we make an orange fluff that can be made into pink fluff. Here’s the orange recipe:
    1-8 oz. cool whip, thawed
    1- regular size cottage cheese
    1- pkg. orange flavor jello (not pudding/pie filling)
    2-3 cans drained mandarin oranges
    Mix cottage cheese, cool whip, and jello together. Gently fold in completely drained oranges. Chill.

    Now, for pink stuff: Do the same thing, but use cherry flavor jello and exchange oranges for chopped marichino cherries. (If you think the kids won’t eat the cherries, you can try it without them. At least it’ll look pretty! lol)

    Wow! So much to post, so little time. Ahh, thus is the story of a mom’s life. But, enjoy every minute of it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. BUSY BEE!!! Sounds like nesting… hmm?

    Yes, you have to use dowel rods and boards or the cake will collapse.

    Congrats to your friend on her engagement! Can’t wait to see pics from your shower, too!!!

    And I will be anxiously awaiting your 37 week post after your widwives come for a visit!

  4. Wow … busy lady!! Just make sure you’re getting your rest. No more getting overheated, you hear?!?

    If you don’t have a wrap already, I highly recommend a Slingling. Their website is slingling.com, and I love these because they’re so darned easy! I tried different kinds with Evie and Sam, but I got one of these with David. I couldn’t get over how easy it was to use it. No adjustments, no straps or buckles, and it’s small and discreet enough that I was able to wear David to a wedding and nurse him in the middle of the ceremony … and John, sitting beside me, didn’t even know until after the ceremony, when I told him!

    David loved being in there, too. It was perfect to use when he got a cold when he was a year old. He wasn’t too sick, but he was pretty wiped out, and didn’t want to lay down on the couch but wanted to be held. I could just pop him in the sling, sitting up, so he had lots of Mom Time, but my hands were still free to do lots of fun stuff. You know, like laundry and dishes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    No cake advice. Let us know how it turns out!!


  5. It all sounds wonderful! I laughed, LAUGHED at the girl’s saying!! Too cute and too funny ๐Ÿ™‚

    I miss the fresh fruit bartering we use to do growing up! Enjoy the cherry cobbler…YUM!

    I love midwife appointments! I am SO excited for you!!


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