What. A. Great. Morning.

Everything today was ideal. How often does THAT happen?

Brielle has been on an “every-other-day-I’ll-be-as-naughty-as-I-wanna-be” kick for the last couple of weeks. It’s exhausting to say the least, but fortunately, she gives me a reprieve on the good days and today was a very good day.
Denton ate and slept in the wrap with no fussiness in between.
Cadrian listened and came when he was called (which is a miracle sent straight from God to me!)
Aviana was golden and didn’t complain about being too hot or too cold or that she wanted more or she wanted more or that she wanted more. (We’ve been really working on an attitude of gratitude, as ‘wanting more, different and better’ has been a theme lately!)
We went to a flower garden and helped make apple cider. We got to drink it and eat homemade cookies. We got to pet a silky chicken named Josaphine and an adolescent duck named Waldo. We made some new homeschooling friends and went on a picnic with them. The mamas chatted and the children played amicably.
I got a package in the mail, some nice messages and came home to a clean house.
Now it’s quiet time, and I’m looking forward to pizza for dinner, which I don’t have to cook, and watching a movie with my Handsome Husband after the kids are in bed.
What a great day! Thank you God!

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