We’re still alive…

It has been a busy month. I wish I could blog  every day because so much happens that I want to share with others or even just keep for myself for the future. I love looking back at my old posts and rediscovering those moments. I love reminiscing happenings I had long forgotten. I want to blog for myself and for my babies and for my family and friends who don’t see us on a regular basis, but sometimes, it just gets to be “one more thing” and gets to be too much.

Christmas was wonderful. We had a crazy week after Christmas with family here from out of town and many for dinner every night. I loved it but it was tiring at the same time.

The week after New Year’s was tiring for other reasons. My best friend’s mom died suddenly and my heart just hurt for her and her family. I didn’t do much other than love them the best I could and be there and listen but it was a wearying week just the same. I can’t imagine how exhausted she was.

I just haven’t been feeling the best or having the energy and motivation to do much more than the bare necessities (assuming food is a necessity, and a path through the house). Sometimes it takes all my energy just to answer the phone.  I’m so thankful that even though I haven’t been running my home the ways I would ideally want to, I have been able to be so patient and loving to my chiddlers, and this last month has been probably my most mellow yet (i.e. no loss of temper).

We’re redoing the guest room and making some big changes in its hospitality.

The girls and I are taking the train this week to see my sister and family in Colorado. I am so excited to be able to surprise them. It’s their Super Summer Challenge Surprise. We’ll be out there for five days. It will be a wonderful trip, if I can find the wherewithal to get ready for it. 🙂

We had five inches of snow yesterday so now I have to help the chiddlers get ready to go o!ut in it to play

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