We’re HOME!

We’re home! Aviana got released yesterday, a day earlier than they anticipated. After a trip back up to the floor for Aviana’s purple bear, another trip up for the diaper bag, and the a return trip back to the hospital to fill the prescriptions that could only be filled at their pharmacy (thank goodness my grandma reads fine print!), and a long drive in an car with broken air conditioning, with a one year old almost non-stop fussing and the three year old singing (praise Jesus!) we made it home.

It was so good to be in our own house and sleep in our beds. Aviana and I were up half the night. She still walks like a little old lady, and is so pale and skinny. It is so good to have normal converstations with her and listen to her thoughts and observations again. She decided our living room looks like a balloon store, it is true. I told her it probably wouldn’t be very long before I’m saying, “Aviana, I just can’t answer so many questions before 9 o’clock in the morning.” She doesn’t care for her antibiotics( and I can’t blame her, they taste icky!), but the doctor had good advice of giving it to her with chocolate syrup. I’m setting the alarm for every four hours so I’ll remember to give it to her.

She is napping now, and Opa is bathing Brielle. Mom is napping, Kevin is combining and Grandma is reading. Normalcy. It’s absolutely glorious.

I’m so relieved she’s out of danger, and not in too much pain. If you wouldn’t mind still praying for us though, I know we’ll need it. I need God to help me just focus on being with my family,and to not notice too much if the laundry needs put away (it does) or the counters need clearing (they do), or all the rest of the jobs I’m going to have to let go of while I give them the attention they need. Of course we need continued healing and a quick rebound for Brielle. She was so happy to have us all home last night, she just laid on the living room floor giggling and kicking her feet.

If I were a bit less exhausted, I might do that too.

3 thoughts on “We’re HOME!

  1. so glad to hear you’re all home! Praise God from whom all blessings flow…

    I wouldn’t give a second thought to those dishes…and I’m sure no one else minds them either 🙂

    Take care and catch up on some much needed family time and sleep!!

  2. Jenny H says:

    I am so glad that y’all were able to go home and so relieved that Aviana is showing so much improvement! I love you all! Hang in there my friend!

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