Well it’s Night Three

We moved Brielle into a ‘big girl bed’ on Saturday!

We moved Aviana into her room on Saturday!

I found Brielle a bed to match Aviana’s for $4 at a thrift store. She has been popping out her crib for months now. Someone always had to be on “Brielle duty” at bedtime, because she would get out a couple of times each night. Almost always cheerfully, but out nonetheless.

So Saturday I made a huge project out of taking all the toys out of their room, tossing lots, and better organizing the rest and moving most upstairs. Since I had the room all cleared out, I decided it was as good a day as any to move her.

She went to bed perfectly. Aviana too. She had been sleeping in her bed, but in our room, so we are glad to have moved her bed into her own room Saturday too.

Last night was a popping out of bed circus.

Tonight Aviana is staying over at Grandma’s, and Brielle is going on 15 or 16 counts of simultaneously screaming, crying and popping out of bed. She seems to have finally quieted down.

This last time I redirected her, I told her I would swat her if she got out of bed again.

That did the trick, she is now asleep. Kids!

2 thoughts on “Well it’s Night Three

  1. This is our next step with Judah. he’s been ready, but I have not. I kinda like the confinement the crib provides. 😉 I am hoping the transition goes smoothly and according to MY plan…ha ha ha. A two year old boy following a “plan?” I must be out of my mind!


  2. BTW I forgot to get back to you about the icon next to my blogger name. The lady that designed our site did it for me. I can ask her if you want me to. Just e-mail me and let me know! Sorry I couldn’t be more help 🙂


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