The weekend

Aviana showing off her tower, her beads and her new Pooh chair. Little Miss Royalty- scepter and all. Sunday morning before church- again with the beads

Saturday we just hung out at home, watching movies and playing. I think we might be back on schedule with the naps… We went to church to meet up with Kevin afterwords and I enjoyed a really good service, and A enjoyed “play fends nursee”” ride Ka-roo” (playing with friends in the nursery and riding the kangaroo–the kind you put a quarter into, we don’t have a real kangaroo ride :).) It was great to see Kevin again after a couple of days on my own, but I was all distracted by trying to get this site to be cool like I want( which it still isn’t), and didn’t talk with him like I should have/wanted to. Plus a friend started IMing me, and so he ended up going to bed without me.
Sunday I had to work in the infant nursery and Aviana had to come with me as Kevin had to help AI a cow in heat. But I didn’t know that she was coming with me until the very last minute, so I while I was distractedly getting everything ready, I noticed her lip was bleeding! She had somehow gotten a hold of a razor from Kevin’s or my overnight bag! She made no comment or complaint, but sheesh! If I were famous, I’m sure I would end up in the tabloids as the worst mom ever. I’m glad I’m not famous.
Aviana didn’t want to go play in her nursery, and so while she was sitting on the floor protesting, some lady hit her in the head with her diaperbag. That was the end of that. So she came to the infant nursery with me. She helped feed bottles, and change diapers and wipe faces. She had a grand time and I enjoyed watching her with the babies. Let’s hope she’s as accomodating when Baby B arrives.
After church we got gas and went home, and she fell asleep on the way- I thought “well perfect” because we had leave for Kevin’s family picnic about as soon as I got home and then she would be well rested and her nap wouldn’t interfere with her family time. Apparently, I don’t know the meaning of perfect because it didn’t work out like that at all.
To make a long story not so long, she woke up while the car was still in the garage, and was a Cranky Princess pretty much the whole time we were at the picnic.
After the picnic we had a birthday party to attend for her three year old friend Addie. She screamed and cried almost the whole way there, to the point where I was about to turn around and go home. She calmed down and we had fun playing and chatting.
She fell asleep in the car on the way home, even though it wasn’t quite 6. I read a terrific book from start to finish and Kevin, after getting the Jeep ready for our drive-in date tomorrow night, fell asleep watching The Spy Who Loved Me.

And that, oh faithful reader, was pretty much our weekend.

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  1. momma g says:

    I noticed that the “terrific book” you mentioned was highlighted, so I clicked on it thinking maybe it would tell me what the terrific book was, but it just took me to the Amazon website. Did you know it would do that? What’s a “HTML tag” anyway? Why would I want to use one?

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