Week recap–Mother’s Day

Personally, I think holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are a crock. I mean, it’s good to recognize the special people in your life and all, but I really and truly think these holidays are only a product of the companies who make money off of them. My philosophy is that my husband should be loving and romantic to me all year round, and I him. I should recognize and acknowledge the hard work he does as a father and he, me as a mother all year round. If we would all put as much effort into loving and respecting each other and growing our relationships as the marketers put into trying to suck up our money, we’d all be better off. However, I’m not above accepting gifts, even if the occasion is a made-up waste of a proper holiday.

He got me a matching coffee cup and nightgown. It was the perfect gift, because now I can drink coffee from my special cup wearing my special sleep shirt. HE knew it would be the perfect gift too, since he was with me when I bought the set for a dear friend a few weeks back, and saw how much I was loving it!

Clever boy he is!

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