Week recap–Mother’s Day II

After a really good church service and my nephew’s dedication, we went to the park to partake in a family picnic, “catered” by Checker’s.

I was feeling really tense as I was planning on leaving town right after lunch to drive five hours with two small children and my grandma. Add to that I realized–while sitting in church– I couldn’t nurse in my new dress without practically lifting the thing over my head. Topped by the fact that Kevin had to make a special trip to Kmart for diapers and wipes, because I didn’t have a single. one. with me. (In my defense on that count: I asked my aunt Barb to buy some for us so I would have one less thing to try and stuff in the trunk of our mid-sized sedan, I didn’t bring my usual, well-stocked diaper bag as I was bringing all these other bags, and figured I would just use one of them if a “diaper bag” was needed, and it never once occured to me that I wouldn’t have any diapers with me all day or for our overnight at Connie’s)

Any way, we got on the road, and made it to St. Louis in 6 hours, which wasn’t bad. Considering.

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