A Week in Review

Here it is Saturday already, and I’ve not posted all week, except in my head. Apparently, you’re not too adept at reading it there, so I’d better give you the real thing.

Monday: On the way home from Iowa City, we stopped at a second hand store where I got the girls some assorted finery, and a variety of head wear. I also found a few things for preschool.

Tuesday: An at-home, mundane sort of a day. I took the girls over to Joyce’s for a bit in the afternoon to check out some books from the ‘mobile, (bookmobile- library on wheels which stops in her subdivision) an every other week special treat.

Aviana, hugging me tightly: Mama, you’re the best mama eva!
Me: Oh, thank you honey!
A: Mama, you’re the best mama eva!
Me: Thank you! And you’re the best three year old ever!
A: How old are you?
Me: 32
A: (in astonishment) That’s how many teef you have!

Brielle and I playing while Aviana napped. Never mind my annoying baby talk voice, the dizzying up and down cinematography and the fact that I almost call her Aviana.

Wednesday: We did a little shopping prior to attending a birthday party. I got the girls each two new toys on clearance and have been giving myself a huge guilt trip ever since. Upon arriving home, I got my Samaritan’s Purse Gift Catalog in the mail. I just keep thinking, I could have given an orphan a month of loving care and several warm blankets or a family survival kit or a brood of chicks. Isn’t that more life changing and lasting than an Aquadoodle and piano made of plastic?

We had a grand old time at the birthday party. Aviana got to eat two cupcakes, and had M&M’s in her party bag, and got to play with her friends for the first time in a long time. Everyone was properly worn out for the rest of the afternoon (including me).

Thursday: We went to Miss A’s last music class of the session, during which Brielle seemed to enjoy herself more and get more out of it than did Aviana.

After a stop at Dollar General and the local grocery to see if they had “fallish” tissue paper (they didn’t) two cranky kidlets and I arrived home. After Aviana’s nap, I took her in to get her hair cut. Then my dad met us there, took the girls home and I got my hair cut, let the stylist talk me into four new products, stopped off TJMAxx (with which I am in love) and
then went out to dinner with some girlfriends. Then I dropped off a gift and a meal to a friend who just had a new baby (holding said baby made my eyes well up and my heart clinch eagerly) and then a marathon late night shopping trip to the Super Wal-mart. I spent my all time high I think. I didn’t even put all the groceries away and got to bed around 1:45.

Aviana loves to read There’s a Monster at the End of This Book at the salon. To be completely accurate, she loves to read about 3/4s of the book. Her eyes get bigger and bigger and we get almost to end, and she shuts the book vigorously and says, “Wet’s read something else!” Every time! I’ve shown her time and again that Grover is the only monster at the end of the book, and we all know she has a stellar memory, but she just can’t make herself finish that book.

Friday: I slept a little late, so we were late for gymnastics, but at least we made it. There’s another girl in her class now. I was so impressed with my Sweet Baby A! She did everything in the rotations, including rolling down the wedges and standing on her hands. She was a little squirrelly with John, the coach, but I think she is always going to be that way. It’s almost like she’s flirting with him. Then we met a bunch of friends at Playgym. She was pretty tired by this time and mostly sat in the stroller watching, but she didn’t want to leave early like I would have expected.

I made a wonderful Lemon Margarita Chicken for dinner. It was super easy. Of course I can never follow the recipe exactly, but I think this time all I did differently was add a box of margarita Jello and change up the veggies. I have heard however, that when one does this, this is considered to be a totally new recipe. I like to think of myself as amazingly creative. Ha!

Today: I’ve been looking forward to taking our Fall Farm Fresh Family Photos for months and months, ever since Ruth won a photo package for us and today we got to do it! Go here and see if you recognize anyone. Please. No comments about the Texas sized hair. I guess I was more worried about the girls looking good than I was about me!

More pictures of all events to follow eventually. Blogger seems to be having issues tonight. I have to go pick Kevin up from the field anyway.

3 thoughts on “A Week in Review

  1. What a week! I was tired out just reading about it… although, just being awake seems to tire me out these days.

    My favorite part was the story about the mommy hugs – totally cracked up about the 32 teeth/age thing. Kids are great, aren’t they!

    I have to say I love your family picture. Beautiful kids, beautiful colors and happy smiles. So fantastic for you that you were able to have your photos done!

    Hope this week is a wonderful one for you guys!


  2. I have to say–I got really lucky at garage sales this summer–found a whole lot of tights and leggitys (as Miss A says) for 50 cents each. Here in Iowa (and in Vermont too?) we have to layer layer layer in the winter.

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