Wed, May 12, 200411:50 AMWe had a midwife appointment yesterday. I’ve gained 6 more pounds, bringing the grand total to 17 pounds. My BP is “perfect” and our little nubbin has a strong heartbeat of about 160.

Tia Leah and Cora came with us to the appt. so Gayle could meet her, since Leah will be at the birth- if all goes according plan. Then we went to Target for a stroller and then to Duck Creek (where we saw a momma and daddy Mallard Duck with their adorable brood of 8 & a few unattached ducks) for a nice walk. Cora slept through her inaugeral ride in her new stroller, so I guess it won’t go in her book of important memories.

Then I got home for about a 1/2 hour (luckily Daddy grilled burgers for us- he’s so awesome; I love him so much) before we had to leave again to go to our Marriage Mentoring appointment. It’s exciting to think about the growth we’ve seen in our marriage and in each other in the last year and a half. We are getting closer to each other and to God with each passing day, which is SO awesome!

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