We been


and sportin’ some style!

The preschool that we do is mostly reading aloud, with some craftiness and specified reading readiness thrown in for good measure. Works fantabulously for us.

Do you like Aviana’s ‘nightgown’? It’s her hospital gown from when she had appendicitis; I guess she thinks it’s cool.

Style courtesy of my sweet friend Kim who loves to shop for littles–boy will she be in trouble when they have a baby!

7 thoughts on “We been

  1. That’s funny, my girl has a hospital gown from when she dislocated her elbow. I thought I was odd still having it AND the fact that she’s actually slept in it since then. Maybe I’m not odd. Or maybe we both are. 😉

  2. In the first picture, I thought Cadrian was a baby doll! Your girls are such sweet big sisters!

    And I love the photo of Cadrian at the end—what a little man!

  3. So cute! Where did you get the girls dresses?! Love them! Micah is here on my lap and keeps pointing to Cadrian and smiling with his “uhhh” I want it sound! Awe…little blog buddies! Micah can give Cadrian tips on being the baby boy with 2 older sisters!

  4. the first pic is so precious! I wanted to burn my appendix gown, lol. ouch ouch ouch is all I can say. I feel awful that someone so young had to go through that. Tough girl!

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